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Redbeard Cats is a fishing guide service for John H. Kerr Reservoir, which lies on the NC/VA border.  We specialize in catching catfish, but we also offer trips targeting striped bass and white perch during certain times of the year.  This guide service is owned and operated by Wes “Redbeard” Jordan, a fully licensed and insured guide.  Scroll down to see the most recent fishing reports.  For more info, including rates and booking info, please use the menu at the top of the page or contact us.  We hope you find this page helpful and look forward to fishing with you soon!!!

April Report


IMG_20170320_172704_846The weather has been a bit strange for April.  We had a couple of cold fronts roll through, which dropped our night time temps below freezing.  This kept the water temps from staying where they normally are this time of year.  Furthermore, we hardly saw any rain in a month that the lake is normally over full pool.  This made the fishing a little less predictable than past years, but we tweaked our game plan a bit and were able to stay on some decent fish.  Hopefully we get some rain in the next few weeks and things get back on track!


March Report

IMG_20170217_154056_790As usual, March offered up some of the best fishing of the year. While we didn’t see as many citations as last year, the numbers of fish we caught were insane!  We had multiple days with 30+ fish days.  It seemed like fish were everywhere.  We caught fish drifting…we caught fish anchored….we caught some in 10 feet of water and some in 70 feet.  Double and triple hookups weren’t uncommon and we even tied my old record of having 7 fish on at one time! Let’s hope that this holds over and April is just as good 🙂 


Check us out in “In-Fisherman” magazine this month!  This has been one of my favorite magazines since I was a kid, so it is a dream come true to be mentioned in it 🙂  Thanks to everyone who has supported me the last few years and helped our business grow.  My guide service would not be possible without a great family, great friends, and great customers!!! Tight Lines

Record Breaking Fish!

dale141I would like to congratulate my friend Dale Lowe Jr. on this 141 pound blue catfish caught during the Ice Bowl fishing tournament on Kerr Lake!   This fish was just 2 pounds shy of the world record and is the largest fish to ever be weighed on certified scales and RELEASED ALIVE!  Dale was accompanied by his son Chase Lowe and teammate Stephen Faircloth.  The fish was kept alive, largely in part to our very own Austin Sartin.  As the owner of NC Marine Fabrication, Austin had a tank on his boat that he custom built to the specs of the 143 pound world record (caught on Kerr Lake in 2011).  The fish was kept in the tank for about 6 hours total, and was only taken out to be weighed and again to be released.  Much care was taken in the handling of this fish, to ensure that he swam away strong and healthy.  Click here to see a video of the fish being released!  It was very exciting to be a part of this fish tale, and I am glad to be a part of a group of guys who is so adamant about the catch and release of these trophy fish.  I truly believe this is why Kerr Lake continues to spit out record breaking fish, and I hope that we can preserve the fishery for our children and grandchildren to enjoy!


February Report


While charters usually slow down this time of year due to the cold weather, the fishing is still in full swing! Larger predatory fish like blue cats and striped bass prefer cooler water temps as it gives them an edge over forage fish like shad.  So don’t let the weather deter you! Both of our boats have partial enclosures and heaters to help keep you warm.  Or you can just keep an eye on the weather and pick your days like Roddy and Landon (above) did….they enjoyed some T-shirt weather in February!  Tight lines.

Pay it Forward


Cap’t. Redbeard here, reminding you to help somebody if you can!  
It is part of the fisherman’s creed…an unspoken rule.  You always help out a fellow angler in need!  I have certainly been on the other end of this rope and I know how much I appreciated a tow back to the boat ramp.  Besides….all good fisherman know that it pays to have a positive balance in your karma bank! It just might be the edge that helps you land that next world record. 😉

January Report

Me-Bill WardWe welcomed in 2017 with some nice fish!  We saw our first bit of snow in January, but it wasn’t enough precipitation to really budge the lake level.  However, the runoff did create enough current on the upper end to turn the big fish bite on for a couple of days.  Bait remains abundant just about everywhere you look, and with water temps still in the mid to upper 40’s I doubt we will see a big shad kill this year.  We are still catching good numbers of fish drifting in the main lake creeks.  However, most of our bigger fish have came from anchoring on ledges or structure.



It has been a relatively mild & dry December thus far.  The lake level has dropped considerably this month, and as a result a lot of the fish have pushed out into deeper water.  Small baitfish are abundant almost everywhere you look.  I can’t remember a year when I have seen as much bait in the water as this year.  If we don’t have a major cold snap this winter and the shad survive, I think it will be a great growing season for the big cats! Maybe we will even see another record fish come in the next year or two.


October/November Report

img_20161125_175300The last couple of months have been on fire! We’ve had a couple of days where we landed over 30 fish, and citations have been fairly common.  The striper have also been very active since water temps have dropped into the 50’s and 60’s.  Our fish have been caught predominantly drifting, but the anchor bite has proven more effective on some days. Hope you enjoy the pics!


New Team Member!

IMG_20160228_214738I am proud to add another licensed guide to the Redbeard roster!  Austin Sartin has been fishing the lake for many years now, and he has taught me much of what I know about catfishing.  He is a well-known and respected member of the Kerr Lake catfish community, and he is the owner of NC Marine Fabrication.  By adding Austin to the team, we will now be able to accommodate more dates and larger parties.  I’m very much looking to the year ahead. Welcome to the team Austin!