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Redbeard Cats is a fishing guide service for John H. Kerr Reservoir, which lies on the NC/VA border.  We specialize in catching catfish, but we also offer trips targeting striped bass and white perch during certain times of the year.  This guide service is owned and operated by Wes “Redbeard” Jordan, a fully licensed and insured guide.  Scroll down to see the most recent fishing reports.  For more info, including rates and booking info, please use the menu at the top of the page or contact us.  We hope you find this page helpful and look forward to fishing with you soon!!!

October/November Report

img_20161125_175300The last couple of months have been on fire! We’ve had a couple of days where we landed over 30 fish, and citations have been fairly common.  The striper have also been very active since water temps have dropped into the 50’s and 60’s.  Our fish have been caught predominantly drifting, but the anchor bite has proven more effective on some days. Hope you enjoy the pics!


September Report


September is the month when the summer heat finally starts dwindling down.  I respond to the cooler temperatures with a sigh of relief, as do the fish.  Huge schools of tiny bait fish begin gathering on the main lake, making their presence known with a subtle flick of the tail.  The top water striper bite can be excellent early in the morning or late in the evening this time of year.  The catfish also welcome the cooler weather and the abundance of food.  Night fishing is great this time of year, and slip bobbers prove to be effective during the day.  Below are just a few of the fish we caught this September!



20160807_091546I’d like to send out a big congrats to Mrs. Redbeard on a new personal best of 88 pounds!!! This was the catch of a lifetime, and she caught it fishing with our very own Austin Sartin! I was out nearby with some customers, so we were able to assist with weighing and releasing the fish.  Definitely a day I will never forget!

August Report


Late July-August marks the end of the spawning period for most catfish, and it is the beginning of an exciting time of year for cat fisherman…the post spawn period! This is a time of year when fish are looking to replace the calories that they lost during the spawn.  This translates to fish being less picky and more susceptible to being caught, as almost everything is on the menu this time of year!  Mussels seem to be the go to food for the blue cats, while the flatheads take advantage of the bluegill spawn to fill their bellies.  Perch are also schooled thick this time of year, and the cats can usually be found hanging nearby. I hope you enjoy these pics from our August trips!

NC Sportsman

13697224_1176215389126938_7558510412116345494_nBe sure to check out the August edition of the NC Sportsman! Dusty Wilson wrote an article on Redbeard Cats covering some of the basics of late summer catfishing.  A great read if I may say so myself 🙂


June/July report

img_20160910_113429June and July are two of the toughest months for catfishing, as the fish put their appetites aside for a few weeks in order to focus on spawning. However, by being adaptable you can still manage to consistently put fish in the boat. All fish do not spawn at the same time….so while fish in one area may be in a pre-spawn pattern, fish in another part of the lake may already be post-spawn.  Variables such as water temperatures and moon cycles can have a big effect on the bite this time of year! But stay persistent and you will still find a few fish that want to bite 🙂


May fishing

20160513_173236The fishing has been downright hot these last few weeks! Several heavy downpours in early May brought the lake up well above full pool. This resulted in flooding, lots of debris in the water, and the closing of many boat ramps/ campgrounds. But the fish didn’t seem to mind at all! In fact, some of my best days this May were right after a heavy rain. We have seen a decent number of flatheads this month as the water temps are creeping into the 70’s. And blues in the 15-30 pound class have been abundant, however we’ve had a few bigger ones as well. The striper have also been quite active as they make their way back down the rivers and into the lake. Bucktails and Rat-L-Traps have produced good numbers of these fish, while live bait seems to tempt the larger fish. Right now I have bookings as far out as July, but there are still a few days left here and there! So give me a call and get out there while the fishing is still in it’s prime 🙂 Tight lines.


April Report

Congrats to Don, who drives all the way down from Ohio every year to fish for big crappie and catfish at Kerr Lake!

Fishing has really been picking up lately! With the warmer weather water temps have risen into the 60’s and alot of fish have pushed into the shallows making them easier to catch. There are still a lot of stripers in the rivers and we boated our first flathead of the season as well (pic below). With May right around the corner, spring fishing is almost at it’s prime! I still have a few April dates available, so don’t miss out on the action! I’m also starting to book night trips for May. If you’ve never been out there at night, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Below are a few pics from our recent trips.


Spring Fling!

March might just be the best month to catch a citation blue catfish…and if you don’t believe me, check out some of the pictures below! I still have some dates left for April and May, but they’re filling up fast. Book today and make sure you don’t miss out on this spring action! 🙂